Hulk Hogan’s Son Nick’s DUI Arrest Bodycam Footage Is Released

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Hulk Hogan’s Son Nick’s DUI Arrest Bodycam Footage Is Released
Hulk Hogan’s Son Nick’s DUI Arrest Bodycam Footage Is Released

Back in November we covered how Hulk Hogan’s son Nick Hogan had been arrested for DUI in Florida. It was notable not only because his dad and Nick are both well-known celebrities but also since the arrest happened in the same city where 16 years in the past Hogan had been involved in a serious crash that left his friend disabled for life.

Hulk Hogan helped a motorist after her car flipped during a crash.

Now we have the police bodycam footage of Nick Hogan’s traffic stop and arrest. It starts with the officer approaching Hogan’s Ram TRX and telling the celebrity that he almost ran the cop over. Nick looks surprised and starts rambling off something about the day. That’s when the officer orders him out of the expensive truck.


Hogan, who’s wearing a cat meme shirt, told the officer that the reason he smells alcohol on his breath is that Nick was kissing his girlfriend who had been drinking, but that he himself hadn’t been consuming any booze. Even when challenged Hogan sticks with his story.

Nick gets run through the standard field sobriety tests. We know everyone has their opinions about the validity of these tests, you can judge for yourself how he performs on them. The officer obviously feels Nick is in fact impaired and arrests him at the conclusion.

Even though he debates with the officer about how he’s conducting the field sobriety tests and informs him of some past injury that hinders his movements, Nick remains pretty respectful with police throughout the interaction. He does have an issue with the officer asking about his race, make of that what you will.

The same can be said for Hulk Hogan when he arrives at the scene. He could’ve easily pulled the celebrity card and tried intimidating police with his undoubtedly awesome legal arsenal, but instead he’s pretty cool about the situation.

Check out the video for yourself.

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