Human Remains Found Inside Car Hidden In Miami Canal

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Human Remains Found Inside Car Hidden In Miami Canal
Human Remains Found Inside Car Hidden In Miami Canal

For almost 40 years the family of Maureen Therese Sherman has wondered what happened after she threated to commit suicide. While they likely knew she went through with the plan, it wasn’t until January 5, 2024 that they knew for sure after her remains were discovered.

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The red Plymouth Reliant K station wagon was discovered by a volunteer dive team which was searching a canal in Miami. They called police once divers saw there was a body inside. Officials then showed up on the scene and reeled the vehicle in, confirming the car belonged to Sherman.


However, the remains inside the station wagon have not yet been identified, reports USA Today.  The likelihood they belong to someone else seems low, but officials will go through the process just to be certain.

Sherman was just 47 years old when she told family members her plan to drive the Plymouth into a canal near her house. People looked for the woman and her car but never found a sign of either one. She left behind four children, making it even more of a tragedy.

With newer technology, people are discovering all kinds of vehicles which have sat submerged and undisturbed in murky waters all over. Plus, volunteer teams go around helping to remove old cars from lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water, recording their experiences and uploading them to social media.

The dive team that found the car, Sunshine State Sonar, announced on Facebook it worked with Adventures with Purpose to locate Sherman. They said “vegetation and tree branches” had wrapped around the vehicle, making extracting it from the water difficult.

It’s great to see missing person cases like this one solved so a family can finally put their loved one to rest.

Images via Sunshine State Sonar