This Hummer EV Is An Overland God Of Thunder

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This Hummer EV Is An Overland God Of Thunder
This Hummer EV Is An Overland God Of Thunder

An interesting development is emerging in the overlanding community of some brave souls who are pioneering the use of EV trucks to traverse the wilderness. While it’s a gamble in a gas- or diesel-powered vehicle, there are jerrycans to help with range anxiety as well as sometimes means to get to a gas station.

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But with an EV, you can’t carry a can of extra fuel, at least not for the vehicle itself. Even with that restriction, EarthCruiser, the builder of this wild Hummer EV overlander, says you can go out into the wilderness and be away from an electric grid for up to a week.

That’s a bold claim, one we’re sure requires the right weather conditions, temperature, terrain, and other factors to achieve. But even if this pricey build can make it a few days without plugging in, that’s enough to impress at least some buyers with pockets deep enough to afford this thing.


After all, such cutting-edge innovation doesn’t come cheap. Considering the 2024 GMC Hummer EV Pickup will set you back at least $96,550 we think many who can swing that can also pick up the tab for this overland package.

The trick is the camper portion that fits perfectly into the payload doesn’t draw off the Hummer EV’s battery at all. Instead, power comes via a standalone 6-kWh, 12-volt lithium battery that feeds into a 1500-watt inverter.

In addition, there’s a 12-volt lithium battery that’s connected to a 605-watt solar panel mounted up top. That’s a nifty feature so long as you’re not camping with overcast skies or stormy weather.

You’ll need electricity since absolutely nothing onboard operates using propane or any other fossil fuel. That’s right, the cooktop, freezer, refrigerator, water heater, and other appliances all need electricity to operate. Just like on any overland expedition, conservation of resources is absolutely critical.

That’s not to say you’ll go without. After all, this overland camper contains a toilet, shower, bed, and kitchenette, making it rather luxurious. However, the freshwater tank has a capacity of only 13.5 gallons so your activities have to be brief.

With all those luxuries on the go, this solution from EarthCruiser makes the Hummer EV Pickup far heavier, which in turn has to affect range negatively. We imagine the claim of staying out on the open range for up to a week might involve driving to a single spot, setting up camp, then going hiking, kayaking, or doing other things which don’t require this overlander to move.

Images via EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles