Car Hunters Discover Barn Find 1971 Cadillac Ambulance

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It’s dirty but in one piece…

Some barn find hunters came across a very dusty 1971 Cadillac High Top M-M Volunteer Ambulance recently and the discovery has us excited for multiple reasons. Any time a rare and genuine barn find is uncovered it’s a big deal, but for the last while these types of events have been increasingly rare.

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It’s been about a year since the world turned upside down and everyone thought staying in, watching Netflix, and getting near nobody was healthy, so it’s good to see people are out and about while tracking down some sweet barn finds like this Caddie.

Sorry, but your plans to build a Ghost Busters-themed ride won’t pan out, at least not this time. This particular Caddie ambulance is going to be restored and displayed permanently at the Virginia Fire Museum. Photos of it after a good washing shows the paint is in surprisingly good condition, although it’s going to need some work. Whatever was in that barn dust must’ve prevented rust since this old Cadillac doesn’t look like Swiss cheese, even on the rocker panels.

photo credit: Facebook
photo credit: Facebook

As for the barn from which it was pulled, well that’s pretty much a goner. As you can somewhat see in the photos, the thing was literally coming down around the classic car, so it’s good they got it out of there before any damage was done. However, the crew which yanked the ambulance out had to work for a few hours to free it, so don’t let anyone telling you barn find hunting is easy work.

Having sat for 20 years, the car accumulated quite a bit of dust and the tires were partially buried in the ground. But it looks to be miraculously complete with the trim and even the gumball lights intact. There are zero shots of the interior, but we wonder if it isn’t in similarly good condition. If so, expect this ride to be restored in short order. The museum says it will post on its Facebook page about the progress, if you’re interested.

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