A Hybrid Porsche 911 Is Coming This Year

porsche 911 gt3 r hybrid
A Hybrid Porsche 911 Is Coming This YearPorsche

Porsche's annual sustainability report may not seem like particularly exciting news, but the brand's latest financial update features some long-awaited news that enthusiasts might find worthwhile. A little over a year since Porsche CEO Oliver Blume finally confirmed that a hybrid 911 was finally going to reach production sometime soon, the brand has announced that the model is coming this year.

Details on what that hybrid 911 will actually be are scarce, but Porsche's release says that "a high-performance hybrid drive" is part of the 992-generation car's mid-cycle update this summer. Porsche remains light on the details, but a "high-performance hybrid drive system" could either send additional power to the rear wheels or utilize a Corvette E-Ray-like setup that sends gas power to the rear wheels and electric power to the front. There is also a 2023 rumor that the brand is making a hybrid GT2 RS that could deliver huge power, but a car with such a limited run is unlikely to be the brand's only upcoming hybrid.

Porsche has been toying with the idea of a 911 hybrid for more than a decade. The automaker's first hybrid 911 was a GT3 race car with a flywheel system that ran in 2011. Nothing like that feature ever reached production on 997-generation or 991-generation cars, but Porsche ended up utilizing hybrid power in the Le Mans-winning 919 Hybrid race car, the 918 Spyder hypercar, and performance variants of the Panamera and Cayenne road cars. The 992-generation 911 was designed with eventual hybrid integration in mind, a goal that will finally be fulfilled when the latest 911 update is revealed this summer.

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