A New Hypercar Is Coming From an Ex-Koenigsegg Designer

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New Hypercar Coming From Ex-Koenigsegg DesignerNilu27

If you thought Koenigsegg's design language was just the right blend of harsh lines, sharp points, and aerodynamic sleekness, then you should pay attention to the new hypercar brand, Nilu27. Founded by former Koenigsegg designer, Sasha Selipanov, the fledgling brand looks promising in a short teaser.

A brief glimpse at the YouTube teaser appears to show a plethora of carbon fiber, an exposed rear-suspension setup, a triple-pipe center exit exhaust, and a set of truly meaty tires. Showing off the startup and a rev or two from the incoming hypercar model, it sure sounds like the first model from Nilu27 will have a raucous internal combustion engine.

While it's hard to confirm the engine style from one clip, the exhaust note reminds us of the modern iteration of Ford's GT and its 3.5-liter, twin-turbo V-6. Even so, we won't know for certain until August 15, when the brand will officially unveil the model at Pebble Beach. Pricing, performance, and production timeline details are yet to be announced.


"Unfazed by digitalization, electrification, and other distractions, we're focusing on the ultimate automotive experience with a healthy dose of “holy shit” mixed in for good measure," a description of the brand's ethos on YouTube reads. Similarly, the recurring theme of the number 27 is a nod to F1 drivers Gilles Villeneuve and Jean Alesi, both of whom raced under the number with Ferrari.

Selipanov is an impressive figure in automotive design, with a hand in creating some of the most iconic performance cars of late. Namely, the Georgian designer is responsible for the Koenigsegg Gemera and CC850, though the total list includes the Bugatti Chiron, Bugatti Vision GT, Bugatti 2015 Atlantic, Lamborghini Huracan, Genesis Essentia, Genesis Mint, and WayRay Holograktor.

Beyond designing cars for luxury automakers, Selipanov also runs Hardline27, an automotive design consulting agency with offices in New York and Berlin. With a degree from ArtCenter College of Design in California and 11 years with the Volkswagen group, the launch of Selipanov's brand is set to bring new venue to his design processes.

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