Hyundai Ioniq 6 pics show a concept car come to life

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The transition from concept to production car so often is greeted with the sound of a sad trombone as the pesky realities of packaging, regulations and budget get in the way of a designer's (and car enthusiasts') dreams. This is not one of those instances. This is the production Hyundai Ioniq 6, a delectable teardrop of an electric sedan that closely mirrors what we saw in the Prophecy Concept. The end result is obviously different, especially the front and rear fascias, but the silhouette sure looks like it was cut and pasted intact.

As the name implies, the Ioniq 6 is an electric car. Yet, rather than going with a Russian nesting doll approach to car design (see Mercedes EQE and EQS), Hyundai has once again chosen to really mix things up within its lineup. Ioniqs 5 and 6 look nothing alike, yet share a common motif of being futuristic, distinctive and unapologetically forward looking.

We have more details to come, but for now, enjoy these photos.

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