'Hyundai N74' trademark application might mean a production N Vision 74

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Hyundai used "N-Day" in 2022 to show two N-flavored concepts. The first was the RN22e, an Ioniq 6 sedan turned into a rolling widebody testbed for features like performance-focused regenerative braking and N Sound+ synthetic audio effects. No one remembers it, because the second concept was the N Vision 74, a hydrogen-powered fancy that turned the original 1974 Pony Coupe Concept into a concentrated retro-modern sports car with classic, chiseled lines. The biggest question asked about it was, "Hydrogen?" The second-biggest question asked about it continues to be, "What will it take to build it?" Even Hyundai execs have publicly stated they want this car, it's possible they've finally found a way to do it. The 7thMustang forum reports Hyundai applied to trademark the term "Hyundai N74" in Europe on September 20.

Does that mean there's a hot silver flash of N coming soon? Not necessarily. But the step represents more serious intent than anything we've seen since the reveal. At the Canadian International Auto Show in February of this year, Till Wartenberg, Hyundai’s VP of N Brand management and Motorsport, told The Autopian, "My personal wish is to produce this vehicle. It’s at first probably an investment, but if we could see this vehicle really out there and people buying it, I would be very happy." In May, Hyundai Group Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke told TopGear about the possibility of building the car, "Absolutely... We are serious about this. This could come into production. We have the platform — it’s a motorsport platform." Otherwise, nothing.   

The patent category cited in the application covers "automobiles; sports cars; [and] electric vehicles," among others. If something does hit the market, we suspect it will forgo hydrogen as an energy source but stick with batteries. Now that there's a paper trail, we won't be surprised to see a more production-ready concept shown in the months ahead. Our position on the matter hasn't changed since May: "Pony up, Hyundai. Build the N Vision 74." We'd only like to add: just price it right.

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