Hyundai Reportedly Serious About Bringing the Retro N74 to Production

hyundai vision 74 for mass production
Hyundai Serious About Production N74: ReportHyundai

When Hyundai released the N Vision 74 two years ago at the Los Angeles Auto Show, its combination of futuristic technology paired with nostalgic styling made enthusiasts awe-struck. The Korean automaker was quick to say it was just a concept, but the lasting effects of seeing it for the first time had remained imprinted on the Road & Track staff, too.

That's why a new report from the South Korean newspaper The Korea Economic Daily (locally known as Hankyung) detailing plans for the boxy, hydrogen-powered coupe to enter production has us particularly excited. According to the daily, business-focused newspaper, Hyundai's N performance department is renewing its plan to build the model, first by communicating with its first-tier production partners.

hyundai n vision 74

This news is particularly exciting because first-tier manufacturing partnerships are typically focused on the most complex production processes, meaning Hyundai could be testing the long-term viability of producing the N74. Additionally, the report says that Hyundai is shooting for a tentative production date of June 2026, with preliminary trial car testing to start this summer.


Initial specifications for the N Vision 74 said the model would boast a 62.4 kWh battery as well as a hydrogen fuel cell, allowing for 372 miles of range and 670 hp. However, more recent reports from Hankyung allege that the output will be over 775 horsepower, with a 0-60 mph time under three seconds.

hyundai vision 74 concept may make it to production

"The reason Hyundai Motor Company produces the N74 is not to make money with this car. The goal is to make it a symbol of Hyundai Motor Group's future vision of 'building a hydrogen ecosystem'," an English translation of the report from Hankyung. "The goal is that if the supercar that many people envy is produced with cutting-edge hydrogen fuel cell technology, interest in hydrogen energy will also increase."

Hyundai allegedly plans to produce only 200 units of the N74 over two years. This production run will start in 2026, with industry experts telling Hankyung that the super-coupe will likely cost around 500 million won, or around $366,000. Beyond the early workings of a production plan, the claim that genuine test models are on the way is a big step towards full-on production.

Hyundai did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Road & Track.

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