The Iconic Yellow Racing Corvettes Aren't Going Away

corvette racing by pratt miller motorsports
Corvette Racing's Successor Is Still Using YellowPratt Miller Motorsports

For decades, the Corvette Racing factory program run by Pratt & Miller (now Pratt Miller) ruled the world of American GT racing with vibrant yellow cars and screaming V-8s. That all came to an end when the factory program was shut down at the end of this season, but the team's signature look will live on with the Pratt Miller-run program that will replace it.

The return of the program's color is the latest in a long line of signs that an IMSA without Corvette Racing will not actually look all that different from the one we know. The team is still running a C8-generation Corvette in IMSA's GTD Pro, the program is still operated by Pratt Miller, the cars are still the same color, and the roster of Corvette factory drivers looks familiar. The team is even called Corvette Racing by Pratt Miller Motorsports, a name that would have still been accurate in every season the old Corvette Racing team ran.

Despite that continuity, this is a very different program with more limited factory support and, presumably, less direct communication between the racing team and the road car operation. While that means the next generation of Corvette road cars may not share as close a connection to the racing program as the C8 Z06, it also means that Pratt Miller has the time to pursue additional pursuits, like a potential IndyCar team. This team is not Corvette Racing, but the pair of yellow Corvette Z06.Rs should be favorites in the IMSA GTD Pro field in exactly the same way.

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