The ID.2all Concept Previews VW’s Dream for Affordable EVs

A render of the VW ID.2all electric car concept.
A render of the VW ID.2all electric car concept.

Looks good, I’ll take it.

It’s a big day for German automaker Volkswagen. After teasing its ambitions for an entry-level electric vehicle called the ID.1, the brand is back with another concept that outlines its dreams for an affordable electric car that you might actually want to buy. Called the ID.2all, the new concept is said to showcase a new model that could launch as soon as 2025.

In case you missed it:

The new concept, which is one of 10 EVs VW hopes to launch before the end of 2026, is based on the German automaker’s new MEB Entry platform. This modular architecture is an offshoot of the MEB powertrain that VW used on its ID.3 hatchback but has been re-designed with much smaller, cheaper models in mind.


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As such, it makes a switch from rear- to front-wheel drive and packs in an electric drive motor with an output of 166 kW. The new car will also use a less complex suspension design and will be capable of covering up to 450 kilometers (280 miles) per charge. In contrast, the updated ID.3 manages up to 546 kilometers (339 miles) per charge.

A render of the rear of the ID.2all concept car.
A render of the rear of the ID.2all concept car.

Is it a Golf, or something entirely different?

From the outside, the ID.2all looks a lot more familiar than VW’s ID.3 did when it first launched. If you told me this was an electrified Golf I’d believe it. It has a similar stance to the iconic hatch and bears a striking similarity to its gas-powered predecessor from most angles. And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, by any means.

VW describes the new design as having a “body with a clear and powerful stance,” as well as a “friendly face” up front and a “good portion of dynamics,” whatever that means. What I’ll say is it looks nice. It’s exactly what I want from an electric VW city car: small size, nice design where the grille would have been, and a neat interior.

And speaking of the interior, VW has taken a minimalist approach that’s commonplace in EVs these days. The ID.2all concept features a large screen on the center console and little else to play with. There’s a second screen behind the wheel that shows the driver all the info they need to know.

A render of the interior of the ID.2all concept car.
A render of the interior of the ID.2all concept car.

Sparse, but nice.

According to VW, the ID.2all could hit the sales floor as soon as 2025, when it says the new car will cost less than €25,000, that’s around $26,000 here in America. This puts it in line with the likes of the the Peugeot e-208 and Vauxhall Corsa-e – neither of which are on sale here in America.

And, there’s similarly sad news for the ID.2all, as VW doesn’t mention anything about our fair country in the announcement for the new model. Instead, it says that the production version of the ID.2all will make it onto “the European market in 2025.”

But don’t worry, at least we’re getting the ID.Buzz next year, the only EV that really matters.

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