Idaho Track’s Pace Car Stolen

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Idaho Track’s Pace Car Stolen
Idaho Track’s Pace Car Stolen

A racetrack in Idaho, Meridian Speedway, has asked for the public’s help in locating its missing pace car. That’s right, either someone stole the C7 Corvette used by the track or an employee misplaced it. And we tend to believe it was the former, not the latter.

Watch a C7 Z06 Corvette race a Dodge Demon.

In its official post about the theft, Meridian Speedway put on Facebook a funny graphic asking “Dude, where’s my pace car?” in the same font as the Dude, Where’s My Car movie poster. Some at first thought the whole thing was a joke or prank, but it turns out the whole situation is very much real.


According to the social media post, the Corvette hasn’t been seen since the morning of June 4. From the sound of things, the theft has been reported to police. We also imagine staff have been looking for the pace car but haven’t turned anything up.

Now, Meridian Speedway is looking for the public’s help in the hopes someone runs across the car in their neighborhood, at a show, on Facebook Marketplace, etc. Hopefully it hasn’t been chopped or shipped out of the country by now.

With car theft so rampant these days, it’s possible any ride, even those that are distinct like this pace car, could be targeted by criminals. Even your vehicles, no matter if they’re collectable and expensive or mundane and cheap could also fall prey to thieves.

We don’t know if the racetrack put an aftermarket tracker on the pace car, but it’s wise to do so, even if there’s a factory GPS tracker. Thieves know how to disable trackers installed by automakers.

It’s also a good idea to park your vehicle in a secure building if possible with surveillance cameras set to a high resolution. Consider installing aftermarket security devices, of which there’s a large variety these days, making your ride less attractive.

Anyone who knows what happened to the Meridian Speedway’s pace car is encouraged to contact the Meridian Police Department at 208-888-6678.

Image via Meridian Speedway/Facebook