Illegal Fireworks Suspected In Fire That Destroyed Classic Car

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This is no good…

Illegal fireworks seem to really trigger a lot of people. While we don’t mind the noise if it’s not done at 2 am there’s another very real risk that’s highlighted in a report from California CBS news affiliate KPIX in the Bay Area. Not only did firefighters have to fight a few brush fires, illegal fireworks are being blamed for a house fire that also destroyed a classic car.

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The 1950s Chevrolet Fleetline Deluxe that was sitting on the side of the house was consumed in the blaze. All that’s left now is a charred metal husk. Apparently, the owner didn’t have insurance coverage for it, a mistake we sincerely hope readers aren’t making.


While the house was a loss as well, the guy told KPIX it will be replaced by insurance. And while that’s a good thing, because living in a house versus your car is preferable, we wish that were the case with the classic Chevy too.

That report zeroes in on a claim that more commercial-grade fireworks are being used by regular folks around the 4th of July in the Bay Area. A representative from Contra Costa Fire seems to back up that claim. We can’t say if that’s true or not and it sounds like there’s been no conclusion on what started the house fire, but KPIX is definitely driving in that direction of blaming fireworks.

We’ve seen a lot of classic cars lost to fires started by all kinds of sources. That’s why we counsel everyone to check your insurance coverage and consider investing in a fire suppression system if you’re storing your vehicles in a structure.

What do you think? Is the conclusion this was caused by illegal fireworks justified, or is this exploitative?

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