'Illegal Invaders' Michigan Lawmaker Loses It Over Gonzaga Basketball Team's Bus Trip To Detroit

Photo: Matt Maddock
Photo: Matt Maddock

Michigan State Representative Matt Maddock doesn’t exactly have the best track record of being right. He was wrong about COVID-19 being less deadly than the flu, and he was definitely wrong about the results of the 2020 presidential election. This time around, CNN reports that he was wrong about buses being full of “illegal invaders,” as the passengers on those buses were actually the Gonzaga men’s basketball team on its way to play Purdue in the NCAA college basketball tournament.

“Happening right now. Three busses [sic] just loaded up with illegal invaders at Detroit Metro. Anyone have any idea where they’re headed with their police escort?” Maddock tweeted along with two photos, the first showing three buses and a few police cars and the second showing part of an Allegiant Air airplane.

That was, of course, nothing more than a racist conspiracy theory that on its face required the kind of brain worms only acquired from a steady diet of only getting your news from the One America News Network to buy. Unfortunately for the rest of us, there’s no requirement to be grounded in reality for your vote to count, and those people all vote in droves.


The Wayne County Airport Authority wasted no time shutting down Maddock’s nonsense, telling CNN, “The four men’s basketball teams competing in the NCAA Tournament’s Sweet 16 at Little Caesars Arena arrived at DTW Wednesday evening. The buses seen in a photograph circulating online were transporting the basketball teams and their respective staffs.”

While the Airport Authority didn’t confirm which team the buses in Maddock’s racist tweet belonged to, Gonzaga University’s assistant athletic director Barrett Henderson confirmed to CNN that the team took an Allegiant flight to Detroit that landed about an hour before Maddock posted his tweet and had buses waiting when they landed. He also confirmed that they received a police escort to their hotel. A spokesperson for Allegiant Air also confirmed that the Gonzaga team’s flight was the only Allegiant flight into Detroit on Wednesday.

When confronted with being wrong, Maddock understandably deleted his tweet and apologized for being such a terrible person. Just kidding. He continued to post through it. “Sure kommie. Good talking point,” he replied to one Twitter user who suggested the buses were for a college men’s basketball team.

The next day, he replied to his original tweet, saying, “We know this is happening. 100,000’s of illegals are pouring into our country. We know it’s happening in Michigan. Our own governor is offering money to take them in! Since we can’t trust the #FakeNews to investigate, citizens will. The process of investigating these issues takes time.”

Why he didn’t listen to his own advice and take time to investigate what was really going on are currently unclear. As for his wife Meshawn, who is currently facing felony charges for her role in Michigan’s fake electors plot, she apparently supports her racist shitweasel of a husband, tweeting this Thursday night:

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