Ilott once again victim of abuse from Canapino fans

Some supporters of Argentina’s Agustin Canapino have gone on the attack once again, with his Juncos Hollinger Racing teammate Callum Ilott as the target for the second time since April.

The torrent of social media abuse aimed at Ilott comes in response to the contact between the teammates late in Sunday’s race at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca where Ilott passed Canapino on the outside of Turn 2 in the final stages of the 95-lap event.

With Canapino’s car sliding across the apex and briefly oversteering – from his in-car camera, he can be seen correcting the quick slide that moves his car right and into Ilott’s path – Canapino’s right-front wing connected with the left-rear tire on Ilott’s car, which broke the wing.


Ilott would go onto finish fifth, matching his best result of the year, while Canapino’s wings issues caused him to fall back to 14th. But in his best IndyCar performance to date, Canapino persevered and managed to earn the final Leaders Circle contract for the team, giving JHR a pair of $910,000 payouts from IndyCar for the 2024 season.

Despite the positive outcomes in Monterey, Ilott was treated to another non-stop barrage of hatred and threats from Canapino’s fans since Sunday afternoon.

More than 24 hours later, JHR released a tepid plea for civility.

The same routine took place in Long Beach when Ilott was blamed for Canapino’s misfortunes and was treated to death threats that were extended to himself and the rest of his family.

Story originally appeared on Racer