This incredible motorcycle can drive 600 miles on just $15 of energy: ‘The next step in motorcycle evolution’

Zero Motorcycles (@ zeromotorcycles,) a company that makes electric motorcycles, came out with the DSR/X in 2023. This motorcycle can travel approximately 600 miles for only $15 worth of fuel.

The California-based company describes itself as “the next step in motorcycle evolution,” explaining how they combine traditional motorcycles with modern technology to create “high-performance electric motorcycles that are lightweight, efficient, fast off the line, and fun to ride.”

Traditional motorcycles are known to be extremely loud, and like other vehicles that run on gasoline, they produce toxic fumes that contribute to planet-warming air pollution.


The DSR/X, however, remedies both of these issues by running on electricity. “With no emissions or noise pollution, the DSR/X leaves you feeling more impacted by the experience, while having a reduced impact on the environment,” the website states.

Electric and hybrid vehicles have a tendency to be higher in their upfront cost, but vehicles such as the DSR/X show that it’s worth it in the long run.

The Natural Resources Defense Council reports on a study by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute which stated that “the average cost to fuel an electric car was $485 a year compared to $1,117 for a gas-powered vehicle.” While this study looks at cars and not motorcycles, it still highlights a stark difference in the cost between electric and gas-powered vehicles.

Some may worry about needing to stop for longer periods of time to charge electric vehicles, as gas-powered vehicles that only require a few minutes to pump gas.

Electric vehicles do take longer to charge, but one user suggested in this Instagram post about the DSR/X, “[I] planned my needs for full charges around my meal stops, the rest were shorter charges to top off my battery.”

And to extend the battery life further, the DSR/X offers upgrades that buyers can choose to add that allow for a larger capacity battery so they will need to recharge less often.

The DSR/X and other electric vehicles are an investment, but they are also the next step in cost-efficient, environmentally friendly transportation.

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