Incredibly Satisfying Detail Job Brings 2,000-Mile NSX Back After 22 Years Without A Wash

This is what it’s like cleaning 20 years of grime off an old car. - Screenshot: Ammo NYC via YouTube
This is what it’s like cleaning 20 years of grime off an old car. - Screenshot: Ammo NYC via YouTube

How long do you usually go between washes on your prize car? A week? A month? A year? Well one Acura NSX owner left their pristine car locked away for more than 20 years without any care or attention, and now it’s been washed down for the first time in a ridiculously satisfying detail job.

The NSX in question is a 1992 model finished in grand prix white that’s covered just 2,002 miles since it rolled off the production line back in the early 90s. Now, it’s in search of a new owner so YouTube channel Ammo NYC gave the car the glow up it deserves.

At the start of the project, the NSX is unearthed at the back of a garage, where hidden behind an old Buick that’s been turned into a pickup, a rusting Ford and the kinds of junk you keep at the back of your garage and forget about. It was then packed out and shipped back to the channel’s studio, where the extent of the job becomes clear, with the exterior caked in dust and grime and the interior infested with white mold.


To kick off the cleaning of the NSX, the Ammo team first pressure washes the exterior of the car to remove the worst of the dirt, which includes a particularly satisfying shot of a power washer cleaning the grime off the headlight surrounds. Then, the sponges come out to get deeper into the stuck-on dirt that covers the car.

The team then moves inside the NSX to try and remove the mold that’s calling the 30-year-old cabin home. To do this, they hit the whole thing with cleaning chemicals to try and remove as much as possible, before repeating the process to remove any stubborn remnants.

After the inside is factory-fresh, the underside of the car is given a dash of TLC to ensure it’s in show car condition before the steam wand comes out to thoroughly clean any cracks and crevices on the car.

At this point, there are some great before and after shots to show the progress that’s been made so far on the NSX, and it really looks like this is going to be a pretty special car once the clean is complete.

Other steps taken by the team then include checking the condition of the car’s paintwork, which reveals that it’s a pretty thin coat that could do with some additional protection. They also give the car a full polish to ensure it’s white paint is looking its very best.

After all that, plus a few additional steps that you’ll see in the video above, the NSX’s restoration is complete. And it, obviously, looks fantastic. The white paint contrasting with the dark roof is wonderful, and the black leather interior now looks brand new.

The car is reportedly now hitting the market as its owner looks to give it a new home. But what do you think it could sell for? After all, we’ve seen the classic Honda supercar go for anywhere between $8,500 and $600,000 depending on its condition.

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