Inexperienced Dirt Biker Runs From Georgia Police

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Inexperienced Dirt Biker Runs From Georgia Police
Inexperienced Dirt Biker Runs From Georgia Police

There are dumb criminals and then there are dumb criminals. Using a weak dirt bike to try running from police on the road takes a special type of stupidity. But to do it when you barely know how to ride, well that’s the level of intelligence we get in this bizarre police chase out of Georgia.

This hotshot motorcycle rider gets absolutely humiliated by an Arkansas cop.

Using a dirt bike to run from cops isn’t entirely dumb, just mostly. We don’t think running from police is a smart thing to do in general since your chances of getting away aren’t all that great, at least in the long run. But if you’re going to use a 70cc (or something similarly gutless) bike to try ditching cops, at least be smart about it.


This guy spends a lot of time on the pavement and he’s simply no match for the Dodge Charger Pursuits Georgia State Police use. We might even be able to pedal a bicycle faster than this guy is going, it’s pathetic.

If you do have something that’s so wildly underpowered, use its main advantage. It can fit through tight areas and go off the road. How this guy doesn’t start doing that until a few minutes into the pursuit is beyond us.

It might have something to do with the guy barely knowing how to ride. He almost biffs it a few times and keeps putting his feet out while going through turns. We’re surprised he doesn’t duck walk the dirt bike along. Seriously, people, riding lessons are a great investment because your daddy or brother or whomever probably doesn’t know how to ride correctly either.

This guy does finally take the dirt bike into the woods, going where the police cruisers can’t. Then he followed the train tracks and wrecked out, so troopers got him because he can’t ride worth anything. It’s just so comically bad we had to share this chase with you.

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