The Infamous Belltown Hellcat Owner Is Getting Sued

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The Infamous Belltown Hellcat Owner Is Getting Sued
The Infamous Belltown Hellcat Owner Is Getting Sued

Mike Hudson, owner of the infamous Belltown Hellcat, is facing growing legal problems after he was identified as the muscle car’s owner. For some time, he terrorized the Belltown area of Seattle with his loud exhaust some thought sounded like gunshots whenever it backfired. As we covered before, a judge ordered the Mopar muscle car to stay parked for one year.

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According to KOMO News, Hudson has now been sued by the city of Seattle. That means the guy could be facing financial penalties at the end of an expensive legal battle. We hope he’s been saving his pennies from all the social media fame he’s been able to generate because he might need it.


Filed in court on May 7, the complaint demands Hudson restore the Hellcat “to a condition that complies with all requirements of the Seattle Municipal Code and pass an inspection by the Seattle Police Department.” KOMO says it also won’t allow Hudson to drive any vehicle which violate city code for noise. He has 20 days to file a response.

Hudson is facing a $1,300 fine for every day his vehicle wasn’t in compliance with city code, backdated to April 15. That could get expensive in a hurry. Likely the city is trying to make him feel enough financial pain he folds.

Hudson, who’s only 20 years-old, somehow has been able to afford not only an expensive muscle car but plenty of mods. As you can see, the thing even has a tiger stripe wrap on it, something we find of questionable taste but looks to be of the quality which doesn’t come cheap.

While we’re not fans of heavy-handed government actions against enthusiasts, it does seem after watching some of Hudson’s videos that his intentions were to annoy the community. Acting that way comes with consequences, sadly not just for you but for the entire hobby.

Images via srt.miles/Instagram

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