Infiniti Dealers Are Desperate To Get Actual Good Cars

Infiniti Q50
Infiniti Q50

Compared to 2022, Infiniti actually had a pretty good year last year, at least in terms of sales. A year-over-year increase of nearly 40 percent sounds incredible until you realize it only sold about 65,000 vehicles. For comparison, Acura moved more than 145,000 units in 2023. Apparently, a dated, uncompetitive lineup will do that to you, and as Automotive News reports, dealers are desperate for Infiniti to actually give them some good cars to sell.

They’re not exactly being quiet about it, either. As Infiniti National Dealer Advisory Board chairman Steve Lapin told Automotive News, “Product is king. Infiniti doesn’t have the right products right now to compete in the marketplace.” He also added, “The model portfolio is long in the tooth. It will be tough, unless Infiniti decides to increase marketing and incentive spending,” and that “these dealerships were built on promises made to us of 150,000 units.”

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We’re inclined to agree, although we would also argue that, hybrid or not, at least offering vehicles that more people want to buy would also be a good idea.

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