Instagram Model Gets Busted For Allegedly Operating Jet Ski Under The Influence

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Instagram Model Gets Busted For Allegedly Operating Jet Ski Under The Influence
Instagram Model Gets Busted For Allegedly Operating Jet Ski Under The Influence

It’s not everyday you see a traffic stop starring a bonafide Instagram model, but it’s even rarer when that stop is on the water. We have such a treat as well as some controversy as people question whether the Florida FWC officers went too far as they accused this woman of operating a jet ski under the influence.

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What first attracted the attention of the officers was the fact the woman was tooling about on the water after dark, something which she shouldn’t have been doing. As they asked for her license, the craft’s registration, and to see the onboard fire extinguisher one of the officers claimed her eyes were bloodshot and that he could smell alcohol on her breath.

As people have rightly commented, that doesn’t mean someone is under the influence. After all, if you’re tired, stressed, or suffering from allergies (among many other things) you can have bloodshot eyes. And smelling alcohol on someone hardly is dead to rights evidence they’re drunk, especially since that’s a pretty subjective measure.


This Instagram model seems pretty intimidated by the officers and it’s no wonder why. They’re pretty brusque, far more than most cops would be in a regular traffic stop, which would put a lot of people back on their heels.

They pepper her with questions about how much she’s had to drink and how much she’s eaten, where she went all day, etc. Once they get her on their boat, one officer does a seated field sobriety test, which admittedly we didn’t know was a thing. Obviously you can’t do a regular sobriety test with walking and so on when you’re on the water, but this test seems… interesting.

Honestly, the officer asks some pretty subjective questions like “do you feel comfortable” after she’s directed to sit on the edge of the seat. Feeling nervous she says she doesn’t and that doesn’t sit well as the officer asks follow-up questions. This isn’t exactly a scientific process.

There are some more familiar features to the sobriety test like following the officer’s finger with her eyes. We’re not attorneys but would love to hear from some about just how valuable these sorts of tests are in court since we have questions.

Not surprisingly, officers concluded the woman wasn’t deemed safe to ride away home on the jet ski and they took her into custody. But was she treated fairly? Let us know what you think.