Insurance Company Drops Woman For Simply Owning A Kia

2020 Kia Telluride
2020 Kia Telluride

Insurance companies continue to screw over owners of Hyundai and Kia vehicles; either Kia owners are outright being denied coverage—like myself— or they’re finding themselves suddenly dropped from insurance companies that they’ve been customers of for years. That’s what’s happened to one Kia owner in Washington state who suddenly found herself without car insurance.

NBC’s Washington affiliate KHQ reports that Venessa Russell was a customer of the insurance company Safeco, a division of Liberty Mutual Insurance, for the last five years. That is until she got a random message from her broker saying Safeco was “”declining the quotes due to the Kia being on the policy.”

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Russell says she was denied by all major insurance companies solely due to the make of her car. She added all drivers listed on the insurance have had no accidents and received no tickets in the last twenty years. Her broker was able to find one smaller company that would insure her Kia, but the cost was simply too high.

Russell was quoted $7500 a year to insure two cars with three drivers coming out to over $600 a month. That’s a $200 monthly increase from her previous insurance. This additional cost was after dropping a driver and a car from the insurance.

Unfortunately, the higher costs weren’t feasible. She did finally find someone to insure her, but she wasn’t able to bundle her home and auto insurance like she had been doing. KHQ reached out to Safeco for comment and the company said they don’t respond publicly on underwriting decisions.

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