Insurance Company Retroactively Cancels Man's Policy After A Crash Because He Has Teenagers At Home

Screenshot: NBC 7 San Diego
Screenshot: NBC 7 San Diego

When San Diego resident Sergio Preciado caused a fender bender exiting the 805 freeway last July, he was relying on his car insurance company to make the situation right. Preciado admitted fault in the incident, having crashed his old Ford F-150 into a much newer Acura MDX, and causing around $5,000 in damage to the crossover. After exchanging information, he thought the matter was pretty much handled and went on his way. But his children, who weren’t in the car and don’t have driver’s licenses, we enough for the insurer to cancel his policy and retroactively deny the claim.

When an insurance adjuster called Preciado for details about the crash, the asked if anyone over 14 lived in the house, and he confirmed his son and daughter had become teenagers since he bought the policy. His insurance company sent a letter confirming that since he hadn’t named the children on the policy as excluded drivers, the policy was cancelled and his premiums were refunded.

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