Integra Type S Vs Civic Type R, Rare McLaren Prototype, Mopar Swap Meet: The Best Automotive Videos On YouTube This Week

Screenshot:  Throttle House
Screenshot: Throttle House

It’s a rare week in that we’re focusing on the few and the rare on YouTube. Jay Leno gets his hands on a super rare Speedtail named Albert. We have two channels this week giving us more insight about the Integra Type S in the real world. And someone does the good ol’ take a small go-kart engine and strap it to something unlikely... like a shopping cart. What’s the worst that can happen? No spoilers here, so you’ll have to watch and find out.

If you’re at work, you’re going to want to sport some headphones, cause you’ll want to hear what’s happening in this week’s best automotive videos on YouTube.

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A Rare ‘80s Chevy Monte Carlo


The ‘80s spawned some legendary performance, including the Monte Carlo SS. But even more rare and less well known than the regular Monte Carlo SS was the AeroCoupe, which was only on sale for the 1986 and 1987 model years. Just 200 of these NASCAR homologation specials were ever made. Lafontaine Classic Cars highlighted an extra clean example that the dealer had for sale.

Take It All In

1970 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona ‘Plexiglass’ – Ex Eric Clapton & Lord Hesketh

Collecting Cars this week gives us a video showcasing a 1970 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona with no words, just vibes.

Attempting To Start A 70-Year-Old Bus

Junk 1952 Kenworth Pacific Bus, Will it Drive?

If you have any love for buses — you need to check out Low-Buck Garage’s latest video. This week, they attempt to start a 1952 Kenworth Pacific Bus started that’s been sitting for over 20 years. It’s in fairly rough shape. Will it move? Will it start? You’ll have to watch to find out.

A Mopar Swap Meet

INSANE Mopar Prices!! Automotive Swap Meet Walkthrough | Carlisle 2023 FULL

This latest video from Backyard Barn Finds takes viewers to a Mopar swap meet full of not only Mopar parts, but also classic Mopar muscle from the past. Some of the cars are in rough shape — like a rolling shell with no engine rough. Follow the price tags from the rough cuts to the more rare like Charger Daytonas, Cudas and Super Bees.

Leno In A McLaren Speedtail Prototype

Codename: ALBERT, the 2020 McLaren Speedtail

Jay gets to check out a prototype version of the McLaren Speedtail, with an interesting codename while in development: Albert.

Checking Out An AE86

First Look at my New AE86!

YouTuber Adam LZ takes us to Ireland and Drift Games studios to check out his slick new Toyota AE86. What’s more interesting is that Adam will actually be competing in the AE86. He takes us through the setup before it takes on the competition.

The Chevy Colorado Trailboss Is Actually A Boss

2023 Chevy Colorado Trailboss — Boss of our new Trails?

Just how good is the 2023 Chevy Colorado Trailboss in its namesake environment? Driving Sports TV managed to get their hands on one and take on some trails on the channel’s new mountain playground.

Integra Type S Tested; Civic Type R Showdown

2024 Acura Integra Type S // Road Review, Drag Race + Lap Time

The Acura Integra Type S ruffled some feathers with its debut, but a true enthusiast can’t stay mad at a 300+ horsepower sport compact with a six-speed manual, especially when it debuts in a land full of crossovers and a looming EV transition. What you really want to check out in this video is how the Type S stacks up against the Type R in a drag race, where the two’s five horsepower difference comes to a head.

Buying A Acura NSX

Taking Delivery Of My New Honda NSX! + Finding Japan’s Underground Car Meets / S4E64

E_ought is pretty lucky. Not only does he live in Japan, but this also gives him access to a fantastic array of old JDM models. In this week’s video, he takes delivery of a first generation NSX. It’s beautifully stock, something that would be hard to find here in the U.S. And with just 43,000 miles on it, its in great condition.

An Old Dodge Durango Review

2002 Dodge Durango RT | Retro Review

The first generation Dodge Durango was a proper SUV. Based on the midsize Dakota, it looked tough. But at the turn of the century, Dodge decided to cater to those who wanted a truck with a bit of performance, and the Durango R/T was born. The R/T SUV got all-wheel drive and a 5.9-liter 245 hp Magnum V8. Check out MotorWeek’s retro review from this week, as they put the Durango R/T through its paces, way back in 2002.

Stupid. Fast. Fun.

World’s fastest Shopping Kart Hits the Streets!

A shopping cart and a go-kart engine sounds like dumb fun. And dangerous. But again, undeniably fun. Grind Hard Plumbing Co built what they claim is the world’s fastest shopping kart, but the first iteration burst into flames during testing on a small track. So, the boys went back to the drawing board and this week, after some tinkering, they take it to the streets to see what it can really do.

Too Many Cars

My Ultimate 90s Car Collection is Getting out of Hand! - Flying Wheels

Now that Flying Wheels’ two year journey of flipping $400 into a Ferrari has ended, he’s faced with another problem: Too many cars. See, over those two years, he ended up with a few vehicles he never got rid of. Now he has the Ferrari along with a collection of vehicles straight out of a late 1990's lottery winner’s dreams. Oh, and he can’t seem to bring himself to part with any of it.

All Show, No Go

2022 Toyota Corolla Apex 6MT: Regular Car Reviews

Regular Car Reviews takes on the Toyota Corolla Apex. It looks like it’d be a catch with its bronze accents — but it’s mostly just a stock Corolla with visions of grandeur that cost nearly $30,000 when Toyota still offered it.

An Honest Review

2024 Acura Integra Type S In-Depth Review // An Owner’s Perspective (With Pure Exhaust Sound!)

You’ve seen the professional reviews of the new Acura Integra Type S. But what is it like to live with one? YouTuber Money Shift gives his own insights on owning his 2023 Integra Type S.

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