This Intensive Overnight Eye Balm Reduces My Dark Circles So Well, I Don’t Need to Wear Concealer the Next Day

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It gives me a brighter baseline to work with.



One day, hopefully, I will stop complaining about the dark circles engulfing my eyes. While I have come across products that alleviate the issue, the miracle product or the perfect routine still evades me. That being said, I recently came across a now-can’t-go-without product — Jouer’s Luminize Overnight Dark Circle Slugging Balm.

The product’s promising name is what initially piqued my interest — and the concept of an overnight dark circle slugging balm? Too good to resist. Although many balms are incredibly thick and waxy, this one melts when it makes contact with your skin. It turns into a thin, oil-like cream and truly less than a pea-sized amount is needed to cover both under eyes and the upper lids.



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There are three key ingredients in this formula — vitamin C, caffeine, and vitamin K. The first two ingredients are to be expected in a product targeting these issues — caffeine will decrease temporary puffiness and constrict blood vessels for a brightening effect. Vitamin C, meanwhile, is probably the first ingredient that comes to mind when you think ‘brightening,’ but it also reduces hyperpigmentation, hydrates, and relieves puffiness. Vitamin K has specific dark circle-improving benefits through similar vessel decongesting abilities as vitamin C.

I sleep with an eye mask on, so I was nervous that the balm would get into my eyes throughout the night and cause irritation. I woke up without any irritation and instead  with deeply hydrated, soft, bright under-eyes. My dark circles weren’t completely eliminated, but I didn’t have to spend the first 15 minutes of my routine applying a cold compress followed by an eye cream and eye brightener.

A one-time use isn’t enough to fully evaluate the efficacy of the product, however, and I continued to use it twice a week for three months. My dark circles haven’t fully disappeared, but the baseline skin tone I’m starting with is better — my under-eyes are lighter and on the best of days I wake up after using Jouer’s Overnight Slugging Balm and forget to put concealer on altogether.

If hereditary dark circles plague you the way they plague me, I highly recommend introducing Jouer’s Overnight mask-like treatment to your repertoire. Head to Jouer to shop it for $30

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