The internet is mocking Elon Musk for wearing his cowboy hat backward, but a Stetson pro says it's correct

An aerial view of tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, wearing a black Stetson hat, livestreaming while visiting the Texas-Mexico border on September 28, 2023 in Eagle Pass, Texas.
Elon Musk is seen wearing a cowboy hat at the US-Mexico border on Thursday. John Moore/Getty Images
  • Elon Musk wore a cowboy hat when he visited Eagle Pass, Texas on Thursday.

  • Several X users said that the billionaire was wearing it the wrong way around.

  • A Stetson expert told Insider that the buckle shows Musk wore it correctly.

When Elon Musk visited the US-Mexico border on Thursday, he chose to don a cowboy hat.

The X owner livestreamed himself at Eagle Pass, Texas as he discussed immigration, although the social network ran into some technical difficulties.

But some X users were less focused on Musk's words rather than his fashion choices – and said that he had managed to put his hat on backward.

American comedian Davram Stiefler joked in a post on X that "Elon should invent some sort of electric device that warns him if he puts a cowboy hat on backward when he's trying to look cool."


As cowboy hats can come in several different styles, the way the brim is curled or the crown dented can result in subtle, but telling differences.

The style of Musk's head-covering has seen hundreds of people like X posts that suggest it was worn incorrectly. The hats can come with a bow on the interior which directs the wearer which way to put it on.

Since it wasn't immediately clear whether Musk was wearing his hat incorrectly or not, Insider reached out to famed hatmaker Stetson for clarification. Stetson's felt hats are iconic and come in several different styles that cost from $300. The company did not confirm whether Musk was wearing one of its own products.

"From the photos, it looks like Elon is wearing the hat the correct way," Mark Harris, London director of Stetson, said.

"The buckle is always worn on the left," he added.

Musk's visit may have displayed faults in X's livestreaming capabilities, but his hat-wearing ability seems error-free.

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