The iPhone 14 & 15 Can Call AAA Even If You Don't Have Cell Service

emergency sos via satellite roadside assistance
The iPhone 15 Can Call AAA Without Cell ServiceScreenshot:

AAA's Roadside Assistance service is a life-saver for enthusiasts and normal drivers alike. Being able to get a tow, jump, or splash of fuel when your car is stranded is essential, and it's a key reason that most people on our staff keep their AAA memberships active. The only problem is that when you need it most—in a remote area, without anyone to help—you may not have cell service, and end up stuck regardless. That is, unless you have an iPhone 14 or 15.

In its keynote address announcing the new iPhone lineup on Tuesday, Apple announced that last year's Emergency SOS via Satellite function was getting an upgrade. Owners of last year's iPhone are already able to request emergency services, call search & rescue, or send their location to a friend.

emergency sos via satellite roadside assistance

But soon, owners of iPhone 14 and 15 models will also be able to connect to AAA via satellite. They'll be able to message the nation's largest roadside assistance provider, and report whether they are locked out, out of fuel/charge, have a flat, unable to start the car, or stuck.


AAA notes that it does not do off-road recovery, though, so don't think they'll rescue you from the backcountry trail you promised your buddy you could handle. If you're on a road, though, the roadside assistance service will be covered by your normal plan's terms. If you're not a AAA member, you can pay per use of the service. Apple includes two years of Emergency SOS Via Satellite with all new iPhone 14 and 15 purchases.

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