Italian Vigilante Is Cutting Down Speed Cameras

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Italian Vigilante Is Cutting Down Speed Cameras
Italian Vigilante Is Cutting Down Speed Cameras

If you’re like most people, you’re not a huge fan of speed cameras. While they’ve been deemed illegal in some areas, many states and countries have been adding even more lately and citizens are getting increasingly frustrated. One Italian man known online simply as “Fleximan” has decided to travel his country, ridding the government scourge by cutting the cameras’ poles down in the mountainous northern regions of the country.

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Sure, some consider this guy a scofflaw because he’s damaging government property which is paid for out of taxes. And yet he’s saving taxpayers money by helping them to not get cited for speeding by a sensor and camera. Italians, like Americans, aren’t a fan of driving slow, although there are always some miserable souls who want to force everyone else to trundle along at a snail’s pace like them.


Video of Fleximan at work shows what appears to be a grinder used to quickly cut through the camera poles, leaving them chopped down like felled trees in a forest. Italians gleefully have captured photos and video of the man’s handiwork, posting them on social media, building even more support for the modern Robin Hood.

But the big problem here is Fleximan is only one person. He’s reportedly taken down a little over a dozen cameras but there are thousands in Italy. Keep in mind Italy has fewer than 60 million residents and not all of them drive, so that’s a lot of cameras. Is it any wonder why Fleximan has a growing fanbase?

Likely what Fleximan has been waiting for is to inspire others and it appears he’s starting to. There have been copycats, but police are pretty sure none of them are the real deal – or are they? That’s the advantage of more Italians joining in the movement.

Some have even taken to putting up signs at the base of some cameras, asking the vigilante to strike that specific spot. Now if you think that’s some trap set by authorities, well it seems pretty obvious that’s exactly what it is. We hope Fleximan isn’t so foolish.

The BBC in a recent report claims the “next closes in” on the vigilante, but we wonder if Fleximan will ever be caught. After all, he could be like Batman, more than a man, transcending into a legend. Good luck defeating that.

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