Jaguar I-Pace Driver Who Claimed Car Wouldn't Stop Arrested Amid Ongoing Investigation

jaguar i pace
I-Pace Who Claimed Brakes Failed Driver ArrestedJaguar

A Jaguar I-Pace driver in England reported an unintended acceleration event last week that caused his car to suddenly accelerate to 100 mph and disable the car's brakes. An investigation followed, and just one week after the incident, the driver was arrested for suspected dangerous driving and nuisance-causing.

In a conversation with the Daily Mail, the driver claimed that the incident was his second unintended acceleration event since buying the car. Last time, he said, the car accelerated up to 120 mph before he was able to slow it by switching it into neutral and coasting to a stop. He claimed that trick did not work when error messages allegedly popped up alongside this issue, so the driver said he called the police and they responded by boxing the car in until it could be slowed.

Now, the driver has been arrested following an investigation, Merseyside Police said in a statement posted Wednesday.


"We can confirm that following an investigation, a man has been arrested in relation to an incident on the M62 on Wednesday, March 6, when officers from the force roads policing unit were called to help stop a vehicle safely. An investigation, supported by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, is under way and a 31-year-old man from Bolton has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and causing a public nuisance. He has been taken into police custody to be questioned."

Jaguar parent company JLR released a statement at the time of the incident, noting that a small handful of previous cases of unintended acceleration in I-Pace models sold in the U.K. have already been investigated and, according to the brand, shown to be typical user acceleration events:

"The safety of our clients and vehicles is JLR’s highest priority and any allegation we receive will always be thoroughly investigated. Where there has been an investigation into reports of uncommanded acceleration, they have been confirmed as driver-commanded application of the accelerator pedal."

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