Jaguar Thief Shows Off New Self-Driving Feature

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Jaguar Thief Shows Off New Self-Driving Feature
Jaguar Thief Shows Off New Self-Driving Feature

Did you know the F-Type comes with autonomous driving capabilities?

Los Angeles police car chases typically are long and crazy ordeals. You can chalk that up to the massive freeway system in the City of Angels, the local law enforcement departments’ pursuit policies, or just that fresh valley air infecting everyone’s brains. One of the most interesting incidents happened when a suspect in a stolen Jaguar F-Type showed off how the car can drive itself, walking away from the entire ordeal without getting caught.

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Originally, the chase began in Hemet, Riverside County, but as the stolen Jaguar F-Type made its way into Los Angeles County the driver pushed it to speeds of up to 130 mph. If you’ve driven in Los Angeles, you know how amazing it is to drive that fast with how traffic can be.


During the chase, the suspect blew through stop lights on surface streets, switched off the black Jag’s lights, and even went the wrong way on some stretches of the road. That LA traffic is crazy.

In the meantime, since the driver was acting crazy enough, police called off the pursuit as a helicopter tracked the stolen car’s movements. Police were still following, just from a distance that gave the thief plenty of cushion.

However, once the suspect reached an overpass, he stopped, got out of the vehicle, left it running and in Drive, then walked off as the Jaguar slowly rolled forward. Eventually, it tapped the back of a cargo van, bringing it to a stop. Once that unrelated vehicle moved, the F-Type started crawling forward again. It was a brilliant move to throw off the police helicopter, allowing the suspect to walk away free.

As the Jag kept rolling slowly through the intersection, a CHP officer pulled ahead and got out, probably hoping to catch the suspect passed out or asleep or who knows what as he pulled the driver’s door open. But the officer saw the driver’s seat was empty and nobody was anywhere else in the stolen vehicle.

After the F-Type lightly tapped a traffic pole, the officer slammed the door shut and turned away, obviously disgusted. Policing is tough work, especially when the bad guy gets ahead and just walks away, leaving the stolen Jaguar in Autopilot mode.

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