Jaguar XF

jaguar xf sportbrake review 2023 001 cornering front
jaguar xf sportbrake review 2023 001 cornering front

One last shuffle of the deck. That’s what this 2024-model-year updated version of the Jaguar XF looks like, with production of the car rumoured to be winding up as soon as the middle of 2024.

It was back in 2021 that Jaguar first cut XE and XF prices in rather eye-catching fashion. It’s now added only about £1000 each to the sticker tags - even after two years of such walloping inflation. So a top-of-the-line XF D200 Sportbrake like our test car comes in fully £8000 less than a like-for-like BMW 320d Touring and £10,000 less than a full-house Mercedes C220d Estate (and, don’t forget, this was a car designed to compete with rivals from the class above).

Don’t expect a discount, mind you. The price you see is the one you’ll pay, says Jaguar - but, thankfully, it sounds as though you won’t mind that too much, with monthly finance rates being appealingly low, even taking the Jaguar’s residual values into account.