Jameson Williams’ Car Collection Is Off To A Great Start

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Jameson Williams’ Car Collection Is Off To A Great Start
Jameson Williams’ Car Collection Is Off To A Great Start

Detroit Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams is known for being quite the firebrand both on and off the field. With that kind of reputation, it’s no surprise the football player likes fast, flashy cars. Fresh in his NFL career, this football player is definitely living the high life and loving it. This is what he’s parked in his garage so far.

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The Alabama Years

Being a poor college student and football player, Williams wasn’t exactly rolling hard in flashy rides. For example, on his social media he posed with a rather plain-looking Dodge Charger with the wheels curb rashed to hell. It was far from glamorous, but the man knew he was heading places.

Now, he’s posing with quite the assortment of dream rides while lifting the Lions to new heights.


Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

Williams showed off this fast SUV before he even officially started with the Lions. It was a nice green, nothing too flashy, but it wouldn’t stay that way.

Not content to leave it stock, he got Champion Motoring out of San Diego to add customizations so it’s like no other. The most notable customization is the red leather interior with carbon fiber accents. You’ll also note it’s now silver with black rally stripes featuring red borders. The badges are also outlined in red, making for a somewhat subtle statement.

Of course, the most impressive thing about a Trackhawk is the Hellcat supercharged V8 under the hood. These SUVs are fast like Williams when he breaks out, so this ride is an excellent first choice.

Lamborghini Urus

We also know Williams is rolling hard in an orange Lamborghini Urus thanks to his posting photos with the exotic SUV on his social media. It’s not surprising since a number of professional athletes seem to enjoy the mix of utility, comfort, and bolder styling, all of which suit Williams’ personality perfectly.

It’s entirely possible this was a rental or loaner vehicle of some sort. But with his star rising rapidly, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn he either bought it or has his eye on one in the near future.

Mercedes-AMG G63

Williams has also posed in front of a nice G-Wagon, a G63 no less, but it isn’t confirmed if the German SUV is in fact his or belongs to someone else. Even if it’s the latter, it could be that he’s thinking of adding one to his garage soon.

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