Jamie Oliver's One-pan Chicken & Peppers Uses Flavorful Store-bought Shortcuts

It’s healthy to own up to your shortcomings, and one thing we’ll be the first to admit is that when it comes to meal time, we’re kind of spoiled. Even on busy nights we want to make sure we’re eating something delicious, not a cardboard-tasting frozen dinner or a fast food meal that leaves us wondering what part of the chicken exactly went into our nuggets. That’s one of the reasons why we love Jamie Oliver. He’s made it his mission to share recipes in his cookbooks, television shows, and on social media that are easy to make, nutritious, and super-flavorful, proving that anyone can cook a good meal, even when pressed for time. His one-pan chicken and peppers traybake from 7 Ways hits all of the marks, and it’s all thanks to the clever use of two store-bought ingredients that add big flavor with no extra effort.

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The first ingredient you’ll need to make Oliver’s chicken traybake is jalfrezi curry paste. It’s a spicy paste usually made with a combination of ingredients like green chiles, onion, tomatoes, and spices. It adds a ton of depth to this quick weeknight meal, and it can also be used to make everything from saucy curries to spicy grilled meats and seafoods.

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The second secret ingredient Jamie Oliver reaches for is onion marmalade. The sweetness of long-cooked onions paired with sugar and spices further builds the flavor crescendo in this easy one-pan meal, and you only need a few spoonfuls to make a big impact. That means you can save the rest for other meals. Add some to barbecue sauce, marinades, or as a spread for sandwiches and grilled cheese.

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To make the meal, the chicken is sauteed until brown, then is joined in the pan by green chiles, red bell peppers, spices, and the jalfrezi paste and onion marmalade. The pan is deglazed with red wine vinegar, then heads to the oven for some hands-off cooking. Use the time to relax on the couch, get ahead of your chores, or make a side dish, though we think store-bought naan would be the perfect accompaniment.

You’ll have a satisfying and easy meal, much better than fast food or a frozen meal, and you have two new secret ingredients you can use to make all sorts of quick and tasty dinners.

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