Japanese woman claims her husband played sex tape of her and ex-husband at stepdaughter’s wedding


A 37-year-old Japanese man who learned his wife was having an affair with her ex-husband allegedly took revenge by playing their sex video during his stepdaughter’s wedding.

The story, shared by the 41-year-old woman under the pseudonym Hiroko to Japanese magazine An An on March 18, detailed how she started an affair with her 45-year-old ex-husband, identified by the pseudonym Satoshi.

According to Hiroko, the two reunited after her husband, whom she referred to by the pseudonym Yuta, agreed to invite Satoshi to her daughter’s wedding.

Hiroko explained she and Satoshi had to divorce after they became knee-deep in debt due to his failed business.


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When their 20-year-old daughter, referred to by the pseudonym Momoka, decided to get married, she asked to invite Satoshi, her biological father, to the event.

After seeing Satoshi again after so many years, Hiroko admitted that her love for the man, who remarried after their divorce, was reignited. She noted that they broke up not because she no longer had romantic feelings for him, but because he was unsuccessful at the time. She also revealed that she was the one who initiated the affair.

It would be disastrous for both families if our affair were discovered, so we were extra careful,” Hiroko told An An, according to Mothership. "We didn’t leave behind evidence in the form of text messages or photos, and we always met up in my house using our daughter’s marriage as an excuse. My husband was always out for work, and my daughter moved out to live with her boyfriend, so it was convenient."

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The affair, which Hiroko described as “exhilarating,” continued for months.

Eventually, Yuta started feeling that something was wrong after noticing that Hiroko “had been acting weird lately,” according to Hiroko.

He reportedly checked her phone but found no concrete evidence that would confirm his suspicions.

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After almost getting caught, Hiroko said she informed Satoshi of what had happened. Satoshi then decided it was time to end their affair as their daughter’s wedding was approaching. He also reminded Hiroko that she had a husband, telling her that what happened between them was a "mere distraction" and that he would never love her again since they were already divorced.

Following the end of the affair, Hiroko thought everything would go back to normal.

During Momoka’s wedding, Yuta suddenly went onstage after the emcee told the guests he had a “surprise” for the bride, Hiroko recalled in the second part of the An An report.

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He then played a video showing Hiroko having sex with Satoshi, who was also present at the wedding. Hiroko said their act was clearly recorded by a pet camera, which she had no idea was directed at her bed.

With a microphone in hand, Yuta declared, "These two betrayed me and had an affair.”

After witnessing the video, Momoka reportedly cried and yelled, “My mother ruined my wedding!”

In hindsight, Hiroko realized it was not shocking that Yuta would choose to reveal her infidelity during her daughter’s wedding.

She noted that while they were on good terms, they never had a good relationship.

Hiroko said her daughter disowned her after the revelation. Yuta, who is now her ex-husband, kicked her out of their house and is currently seeking alimony for her adultery.

Every day I have to move from hotel to hotel, and it’s difficult to find a job in such times,” she said. “You reap what you sow.”