Jeep Driver Does Donuts, Kills Passenger

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Jeep Driver Does Donuts, Kills Passenger
Jeep Driver Does Donuts, Kills Passenger

There’s a lesson to be learned here.

People do stupid things in cars all the time, an unfortunate truth we all must live with. We’re keenly aware of this as we look at news stories all around the world, but one out of Delaware really caught our attention. A guy was doing donuts in a park when he flipped his Jeep, killing one of the three passengers riding along.

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According to Delaware Online, 21-year-old Jymier Hicks was arrested after he allegedly was driving the Jeep in the Middletown area while drunk early on August 6. While driving through Bayberry North Park, the report says Hicks decided to start doing donuts.


The Jeep flipped and landed on its side, pinning one of the passengers under it. First responders were able to get the 20-year-old victim out from under the vehicle, rushing him to the hospital. Later, he was pronounced dead. As you might imagine, Hicks is facing a string of charges.

The story doesn’t specify the model, but we believe it was a Wrangler. After all, if you take off the roof and doors, and people aren’t strapped in with seatbelts, a passenger could easily be thrown out and pinned under the rig. They’re also notoriously unstable when people start driving like they’re behind the wheel of a sports car.

We honestly don’t understand why so many like to drive Wranglers and other SUVs as if they were hotrods. In some parts of the country, there are many pristine Jeeps with knobby tires whipping through turns on streets, practically up on just two wheels. They’re fashion icons instead of being used to traverse rugged country.

Of course, in this case it seems Hicks made more poor choices than just doing donuts in a Jeep. He allegedly was intoxicated at the time, which likely contributed to the accident. And it sounds like at least the one passenger wasn’t using a seatbelt. We hope others learn from this tragic incident.

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