Jesus Took The Wheel And Crashed This RV Heading To A Trump Rally

Image: Chip Somodevilla (Getty Images)
Image: Chip Somodevilla (Getty Images)

A runaway RV crash in Staten Island on Saturday has left two homeless as their mobile domicile rolled away and smashed into a BP gas station. Donna Eiden and Rocky Granata were en route to a Trump rally on Saturday, just a day after the former president was convicted of 34 felonies. The couple were somewhat notable supporters of Donald J. Trump, traveling to many of his events to sell T-shirts emblazoned with Presidential slogans like “Let’s Go Brandon,” “Girls Just Wanna Have Guns,” and “Trump is my Vato.”

According to reports from the scene, the RV was empty and parked at a CVS drug store when it rolled away, crossed an intersection, and dumped headlong into a telephone pole on the corner outside of a BP gas station. Thankfully nobody was injured during the crash, and nobody hit the bus as it careened across a busy intersection.

You can see Staten Island Advance for images of the aftermath. The RV now sports a pair of smashed windshields, and the front right corner of the vehicle has been torn open like a cartoon can of sardines.


“That’s our life, we live in it; we travel in it. I have my daughter’s ashes in it,” Eiden told Staten Island Advance. “It’s our business. It’s our life.”

“Just like that, we’re homeless,” added Grenata.

There is no word yet as to whether the couple’s vehicle insurance policy will cover any of the damage, but they say they’re planning to purchase another bus and continue traveling the country to sell their invaluable Trump wares. Perhaps they can appeal to Mr. Trump and his billions to contribute to their inevitable GoFundMe page.

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