JFK’s Cadillac Hearse Featured In Classic Car Exhibit

John Puckett
·2 min read

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This classic car collection aims to connect the community.

When it comes to the automotive community’s relation to US Presidents, there are many famous presidents whose names became synonymous with their favorite cars. Unfortunately one of the most memorable examples of this came out of tragedy. Of course, we are talking about John F. Kennedy, a man who became famous around the world for his optimistic speeches and shortcut presidency at the hands of a killer. We all know the story of the Kennedy convertible Cadillac, however, there was another vehicle that would be remembered by anyone at the funeral. This white carriage was responsible for one of the most important jobs after the late president's death.

The vehicle in question is a 1964 Cadillac Hearse, this is the very same hearse that transported the dead JFK’s body from Parkland Memorial Hospital to Air Force One after his unfortunate demise. After a long life of sitting this car has been resurrected to be put on display at an auto and art museum at Tebo’s corner, Graham County. Along with the classic carrier of caskets sits a vast array of other vintage vehicles such as a 1936 Cadillac convertible, 1924 Duesenberg, a 1922 Ford model T, and many other fine examples of vintage and classic vehicles.

Thankfully if you want to see this collection all it takes is a trip to Hill City, where you’ll be able to find this vast variety of classic cars and tractors at Tebo’s Corner. The owner aims to bring a sense of community in the area, this should help to establish some comradery among car enthusiasts young and old alike. Hopefully, we will see this community flourish in the future and maybe these cars can bring joy to people once more and cement the legends of these classic cars.

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