JHR unveils special Indy 500 liveries

Juncos Hollinger Racing has embraced its inner comic book fandom with the direction taken for its pair of Indianapolis 500 entries. Presented atop Romain Grosjean’s No. 77 Chevy and Agustin Canapino’s No. 78 Chevy, the team has taken a creative direction to celebrate Grosjean’s nickname of “The Phoenix” with a rising phoenix graphic on the car (main image) and the name added to the top of the rear wing after the Swiss-born Frenchman survived a potentially lethal crash and fire in Formula 1 in 2020.

“The Phoenix is how you take a bad experience and turn it into a good experience,” Grosjean said. “Obviously, my experience was in the fire, but ‘The Phoenix’ is a way to say to people that they can do it. Just because you go through something brutal, it doesn’t mean that you can’t come back from it, rise from it, and reach a better level. That’s what I like about the Phoenix – it’s not the fire, it’s the rise after it.”

Canapino’s nickname “Titan” is carried on his rear wing and a design of sorts can be found across the top of the Argentinian’s sidepods and engine cover.


“I am incredibly proud to represent the people of Argentina, and even more proud of the nickname they have bestowed upon me,” Canapino said. “The title of The Titan has grown with me as I have spent over a decade fighting for and winning championships, and it feels right to honor my nation by personifying the name during the Greatest Spectacle in Racing.”

Story originally appeared on Racer