JIA Chieftain Range Rover

01 JIA Range Rover Chieftain PHEV review 2024 front cornering hero
01 JIA Range Rover Chieftain PHEV review 2024 front cornering hero

We should have seen it coming. All those rivet-popping Land Rover Defenders from the likes of Twisted, JE Motorworks and Kahn Design, made over then force-fed horsepower like corn-gorged Barbary ducks destined for the foie gras tin.

Well, now it has happened to Land Rover’s second landmark car, the Range Rover Classic. Not only does JLR offer its own restored version of what is considered by most the original luxury SUV, there are also various upgraded versions from independent fettlers such as Kingsley, Lunaz and inverted to name a few. However, none offer such a comprehensive range of updates as JIA (Jensen International Automotive).

The small Oxfordshire concern made its name with tastefully updated and upgraded Jensen Interceptors and FFs, before turning its attention to the classic Range Rover. Over the years, the JIA Chieftain Range Rover has become available in number of different flavours. Whether you want good old-fashioned V8 power, plug-in electric hybrid motivation or pure electric propulsion, JIA has you covered.


There’s even a range of chassis options, from retaining the original’s underpinnings, to grafting the iconic Spen King-penned bodywork onto a more modern Discovery 3 platform. And of course the interior can be lavishly appointed with all the luxurious blandishments your heart could desire. As ever with these restomod projects, the only restrictions are your imagination and budget, with the latter needing to be fairly hefty.