John Cena Is Sticking With Honda Civics

John Cena Is Sticking With Honda Civics photo
John Cena Is Sticking With Honda Civics photo

You can't see him, but you might catch the tall wing and hood scoop of his new 2024 Honda Civic Type R if you're driving around John Cena's neighborhood in Florida. He somewhat famously had an FK8 CTR as his daily driver until, I guess, now, when he swapped it for a new white FL5.

I can't entirely explain why Cena is a particularly compelling celebrity, but he seems to have transcended wrestling fame to universal adoration. Just one of those masters of mass appeal, I suppose. Maybe he got tips from fellow universally popular ex-wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.


I just like the idea of a super-wealthy and physically large individual running around in a six-speed Civic. Save the manuals, man!

John Cena is officially linked up with Honda, doing voiceover for some of the automaker's commercials, so it's not particularly surprising that he's repping the brand on the road. But I still think it's cool that he's sticking with Civic Type Rs for daily driving duty. You've got to care about driving at least a little to bother owning a car like that at all, no matter how much disposable coin you've got.

Meanwhile, it sounds like the Honda store in Wesley Chapel, Florida now has his Boost Blue car in its inventory and I'm sure they'll take advantage of its famous-guy connection to get top dollar for it. Or maybe it'll end up at a charity auction.

It doesn't look like he modified it, at least based on that bit of the front we can see in his tweet, er I mean "X" post. I wonder if he'll leave his new one stock or put a tune on it.