John Force Crash Reminds Everyone Racing Is Dangerous

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John Force Crash Reminds Everyone Racing Is Dangerous
John Force Crash Reminds Everyone Racing Is Dangerous

People are shocked after drag racing legend John Force crashed big time over the weekend in Virginia. It’s almost like the public in general, even a fair number of motorsports fans, tend to forget that despite all the safety equipment and regulations, racing is in fact a dangerous sport. Racers understand this, which is why they have ice in their veins.

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Force was piloting his Funny Car at the NHRA Virginia Nationals at Virginia Motorsports Park on June 23 when the engine exploded at the finish line, sending flames shooting out from the front end. That sent it veering towards the wall, but Force pulled it back.


However, he couldn’t stop the car from crossing the center line and slamming into the other wall, which really caused flames to erupt. The impact also left the Funny Car mangled and completely out of control as it rotated sideways, finally skidding to a stop as fans and crew members watched in horror.

Footage of the event showed Force carted off on a stretcher, the man gritting in teeth in obvious pain as an EMT stabilized his head.

The NHRA provided an update on Force’s condition on June 24, saying he is still in the intensive care unit of a Viriginia hospital. Many are praying he makes a full and speedy recovery. At the ripe age of 75 there are concerns about how he will pull through. We hope he is able to race again, if he so desires.

Having been crowned world champion 16 times and tour winner 157 times, John Force has been through it all in the NHRA. However, one never knows when a crash will end a racer’s career, even if that racer has been around a long time.

Image via Drag Illustrated/YouTube