John Force is Improving, Able to Communicate with Family While Still on a 'Long Road Ahead'

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John Force on a 'Long Road to Recovery"Icon Sportswire - Getty Images
  • Last week, John Force was hospitalized after hitting the walls of the drag strip at Virginia Motorplex Park at 300 miles per hour.

  • He's shown daily improvements and, on Wednesday, was moved from the ICU to the NIC.

  • Late this week, Force was able to say "I love you" to his wife and daughters after the crash.

John Force is showing improvement after one week in the hospital following a fireball crash caused when his engine exploded as he crossed the finish line of the first elimination race of the Virginia Nationals.

On Wednesday, Force was moved to the NIC unit from the ICU to further assess and treat a Traumatic Brain Injury.


Per the press release, it took until day five for him to open his eyes when commanded. Prior, he had failed commands to open his eyes, squeeze the care providers' hands, and move his extremities.

After being prompted to say his name by his wife and daughters, he was finally able to say "John Force," to everyone's relief; this then led to a thumbs up and later "I love you's" for the small tightknit group of family members allowed in to visit.

While completion of these cognitive tests shows movement in the right direction, recovery is still estimated to be long and grueling as it is still undisclosed how severe the injuries to the 75-year-old racer are.

It's also noted that the most difficult challenge currently is the "extreme agitation and confusion" causing Force "significant distress."

His doctors have, in good humor, described him as a "Raging Bull" as he fights the negative emotions associated with confusion and pain.

This is the fourth update from John Force Racing, as they thank the media and fans for their patience and privacy as the family continues to support Force's recovery.

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