John Oliver Says Elon Musk Has 'Thin Skin' And Is 'Definitely Sensitive' Following Tesla CEO's Response To Last Week Tonight

Screenshot: HBO/YouTube
Screenshot: HBO/YouTube

Late last year, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver dedicated more than 30 minutes to Elon Musk, covering everything from Tesla to SpaceX and even his anti-semitism. While it acknowledged that Musk’s companies have been able to do some innovative things, it didn’t exactly paint the man himself in a flattering light because, well, Elon sucks. That understandably got under his skin, but after Oliver’s latest street interview, we wouldn’t be surprised if their feud is far from over.

As you can see in the video below, a TMZ reporter approached Oliver to ask what his thoughts were on Musk’s response since, after the episode aired, Musk went on Twitter and called Oliver “weak sauce.” The billionaire known for such comedy gems as his “let that sink in” pun then went on to claim Oliver is “not very funny these days because he is too keen to pander to wokeness.” He could have simply stopped there but then added that wokeness “is fundamentally a lie, whereas great humor requires revealed truth,” which is just an incredibly bizarre way of wording whatever he was trying to say.

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