John Schneider Says Someone Stole His General Lee

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John Schneider Says Someone Stole His General Lee
John Schneider Says Someone Stole His General Lee

One of the most iconic TV cars of all time, the General Lee was unarguably one of the stars of The Dukes of Hazzard. But another star of the show, John Scheider, is hopping mad after he says someone stole his General Lee gifted to him by his late wife.

Watch Kid Rock roll into a show in the back of a General Lee Cybertruck.

Schneider took to Facebook to share a screen capture of the Facebook Live event where his wife gifted him the classic Dodge Charger and broke the news of the “very sad day” he was experiencing since he had “just discovered who has had my General Lee all these month (sic).”


Just who took the muscle car and why isn’t made clear, but Schneider does say this person seems to think “it is within their rights to personally gain from his (the car’s) sale among other things.” So it sounds like someone took the General Lee and other valuables and plans to sell the whole lot.

How anyone could have claim to the Charger isn’t clear. Since we haven’t see the car’s title we can’t even begin to make any guesses. But Schneider does promise he will pull out all the stops to prevent the sale.

We can imagine how much it must hurt to have something gifted to you by your late wife only for someone else, whether it’s a close relative, friend, or complete stranger, steal and try to sell that thing for financial gain.

For his part, Schneider says he believes his late wife Alicia and God are both watching what’s unfolding. Perhaps he’s appealing to this unnamed person’s better nature, hoping they realize they need to do right.

We’ve seen families ripped apart when someone dies and they squabble over assets. Hopefully this isn’t that kind of situation. And we hope Schneider gets his General Lee back soon.

Image via John Schneider/Facebook