Join a 4Runner driver as he documents Death Valley's recent washout

Whether you happen to live under a rock or, like the producer of the video shown here, get all your news from memes and car blogs (Hi, Matt!), you may not be aware that Death Valley experienced some uncharacteristically extreme weather earlier this month, bringing with it record-shattering flooding and all of the headaches that come with it, including wrecked infrastructure. YouTuber SuperfastMatt apparently decided he'd stock up his modified Toyota 4Runner and go check it out for himself en route to some salt flat shenanigans at Bonneville.

"I've done a lot of off-roading, but I've never done it on a road," he said at the beginning of the video, and while what followed was nothing insurmountable for his well-equipped 4Runner, he encountered many a stranded and struggling motorist along the road through the park on his way northward from the entrance near Darwin, CA. Through Towne Pass, the road was rough but generally passable; after that, he put his winch to work liberating some stuck European tourists.

There's quite a bit of infrastructure carnage in the video, plus even more Europeans stuck in the dirt and rocks. It's a reasonably brief watch, but well worth it, especially if you're planning a trip to the park. Never understood what the fuss was surrounding flash flooding? Well, now you do.

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