'This is what I’m getting as a BORN and raised Canadian': Jully Black shares racist email in response to 'O Canada' lyric change

#HateRunsDeep: More than a week after Jully Black's celebrated anthem change, audiences are sending her outraged reactions

More than a week after Jully Black changed one word while performing 'O Canada' at an All Stars Game in Utah, the Canadian musician is sharing the harmful feedback she’s still receiving.

Black changed the words from “Our home and native land” to “Our home on native land” while singing Canada’s national anthem at an NBA All-Star Game on Feb. 19th.

She took to Twitter on Monday to post a racist, expletive-laden email sent to her. The message accuses her of not being originally from Canada and goes on to make outlandish, ignorant and blatantly racist remarks.

The postscript of the message bizarrely clarifies that the author of the email isn’t white or born in Canada, while continuing on with appalling racist language.


Warning: The language and contents of this email may be triggering and disturbing for readers.

“This is what I’m getting as a BORN and raised Canadian,” Black wrote along with screenshots of the email, and the hashtag #HateRunsDeep.

In the replies, many people expressed their outrages, and offered continued support for the singer.

While the move to change the words of the anthem received a flood of reaction, Black has stayed by her decision, telling the Canadian Press, "I wouldn't have sung it if I didn't believe it should be this."

This wasn’t the first time the national anthem has been changed. In 2018, the lyric “in all thy sons command” officially changed to “in all of us command” to make it gender-neutral.