Juno Temple Says Playing Keeley Brought "Light Into Her Life in Dark Times"

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Juno Temple on Playing KeeleyColin Hutton

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Returning to set for Ted Lasso season three felt "epic," says Juno Temple.

"It felt like coming home," the actress, who plays Keeley Jones in the AppleTV+ series, tells Town & Country over Zoom. "It's like a safe place, seeing all these incredible faces that have guided you through this extraordinary experience—well, we've all guided each other, I guess, it's a proper team—all getting back together feels cozy, feels safe. Even when sometimes you're super nervous about a scene, everyone has each other's backs. There's a safety net around it, which is really awesome."


As Temple prepared for the launch of Ted Lasso season three, she talked all about Keeley's evolution, working in London, and being in the moment while filming.

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What has Keeley's character evolution been like for you as an actress?

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Keeley in season one—sheApple

It's been amazing. She starts off thinking a certain way about herself and then, my God, what a turn that took! And I love that. And the fact that that came from Rebecca acknowledging that, a woman that she really looks up to and then becomes best friends with and who then guides her into being this little powerhouse is so spectacular.

We get the scripts as we're going along, so you have to completely live in the moment when you're shooting, because you don't know what's happening next entirely—at all. I think that's something that really helps make the show what it is: You are existing in that moment and you're trusting the writers and the creators to tell the story.

It feels the most real life as I've experienced on a job, where you're learning as you go entirely.

So you had no idea what was going to happen for her episode by episode?

I heard whispering, a few little tidbits that Jason [Sudeikis] had mentioned to me, but also there's something in not knowing that I really trusted with this show, too. It really does make you exist in the present moment for it. None of it is overly rehearsed in your head. And, my information that I would get ahead of time would never be entirely precise, it would be a broad outline of where things might go.

I remember in season two, there was one phrase that for some reason in my Keeley accent, I kept getting slightly wrong and then Jason did have to come over and I was like, 'Do I need to get used to this kind of lingo?' He was like, 'Well, sort of... yes and no. Yes in the sense that there may be more of it to come. But no, in the sense that Keeley doesn't always have to be great at it, you know?" [laughs] I was like, 'Ah, okay, copy that.'

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Has Keely impacted you in your life in any way or changed anything about how you move through the world or perceive certain things?

She's definitely taught me more about being kinder to myself. She's got such a light about her. I definitely hadn't done a lot of comedy work before this show—I wouldn't say that I play a comedy performance, so I don't really know what that means still. That's something I'm still learning.

She brought a lot more lightness than maybe I realized I could get from work. I mean, I love my job so much and I love working with different people in front of and behind camera and hair and makeup and wardrobe and I love the whole process. I have such deep respect for everyone that works on making film and television. It's such an amazing world to witness and to be a part of and collaborate with.

I definitely feel innately I'm more dramatic, so that was something that I was really grateful for because she definitely brought a lot of light into my life in some dark-ish times.

This season sees you working with a new cast of characters at Keeley's job. What was it like working with a new set of folks and welcoming them into the world of Ted Lasso?

Again: Magic! They brought so, so much into this gorgeous office, if I don't say so myself. I loved seeing some relationships for Keely outside of the world that we've seen her in before and how she interacts with other people. Where that's gonna go, I think, is a really cool journey for her. I hope people really enjoy it.

When Sarah Niles came in in season two as the therapist for the team, it was such an extraordinary performance. She was a real bonus for the show in season two that this character with that kind of energy, and her presence in the room, how it made people feel—I think was such an important part of season two that I absolutely loved. Me and Hannah were always joking with Jason being like, 'When are we going to get to see her? I think we need to go!'

People come in and they bring a fresh set of eyes and perspective on what the show has been so far and it is just awesome. I'm so thrilled for people to see the busy little hub of Keeley's office because there's a lot of great stuff going on there.

juno temple ted lasso
Keeley and RebeccaColin Hutton

If you could sum up Keeley's plot in season three in a few words, what would you say?

She learns a lot, for sure. She's getting even better at running in high heels.

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