Kate Beckinsale's Bedazzled Futuristic Gown Was Completely See-Through

It's giving Judy Jetson.

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It's next to impossible to have one red carpet event without a naked dress. It's become one of Hollywood's favorite trends and stars like Florence Pugh, Ciara, and Emily Ratajkowski have practically made it their personality. Kate Beckinsale is the latest star to jump on the see-through bandwagon, and she did so with a unique twist that included futuristic shoulders.

On Tuesday, Beckinsale attended the Inaugural Fashion Trust U.S. Awards ceremony in a sheer dress with metallic silver beading and embroidery that covered the length of the dress and created firework-like detailing in the midsection.

The sci-fi aesthetic continued with pointy shoulders, and Beckinsale added a silver choker with an emerald gemstone, diamond earrings, and silver strappy heels. Her hair was styled in a high ponytail with flipped-out ends, giving the whole ensemble a Jetsons vibe.