Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny Are Reportedly Getting "Super Serious" As They Jet-Set to Idaho

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ICYMI, a blind item on DeuxMoi in February 2023 revealed that Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny were reportedly seen making out (!!) at a party in Los Angeles. Naturally, the internet spiraled and Twitter certainly has its opinions about the rumored situationship.

“This single, famous model sister was seen playing tonsil hockey with Bad Bunny at a private L.A. club last night,” the blind item read. On their podcast, Deux U, the anonymous gossip account confirmed that the model is *indeed* Kendall and that “witnesses on the scene” spotted the two.


FYI, Kendall has been single since November 2022, after she and NBA player Devin Booker split. The couple had been on-again, off-again for two years, but called it quits for good last fall, due to “incredibly busy schedules,” PEOPLE reported at the time. Meanwhile, Bad Bunny reportedly began dating jewelry designer Gabriela Berlingeri in 2017, but it appears that the two have broken up in recent months.

So, what exactly is the relationship status between Kendall and Bad Bunny? Here, we break down *everything* we know so far about their rumored relationship.

July 18, 2023: Source Says Kendall and Bad Bunny Are Getting “Super Serious”

Kendall and Bad Bunny continue to keep the details of their relationship hush-hush, but one Kar-Jenner insider just told PEOPLE that things are heating up. While on a romantic getaway to Idaho, the couple looked “really cute” and “so happy together,” the source claimed, adding that they appear to be in (!) love (!).

“They definitely seem in love, and super serious,” the insider said. “They’re really friendly. Kendall is so low key that plenty of guests don’t even know who she was.”

June 21, 2023: Kendall Addresses Her Relationship with Bad Bunny

In a super rare interview with WSJ Magazine, Kendall *finally* addressed her relationship with Bad Bunny — well, kinda.

“No comment,” she said when asked about Benito. “I try [to] find the balance of keeping things private and keeping things sacred, [and] also not letting the unfortunate frustration and stress of everyone trying to get in on it stop me from enjoying my side. Does that make sense? I’ll go out of my way to do things as privately as possible because I just think that that’s the healthier way of dealing with relationships anyway.”

She also talked about her hope to have kids someday: “I’m excited for that time in my life, I just know it’s not right now,” she said.

Kendall added that she plans to leave L.A. when she starts her family.

June 20, 2023: Kendall and Bad Bunny Have a Casual Sushi Date in West Hollywood

KJ and Bad Bunny's latest sighting was at Sushi Park in West Hollywood, California, with friends on Tuesday, June 20. The model wore black and white snakeskin pants and a white tee, coordinating with her rumored beau, who wore an off-white outfit with a silver chain and backward hat.

celebrity sightings in los angeles june 20, 2023
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June 15, 2023: Kendall and Bad Bunny Seen on a Shopping Trip

Another day, another coordinated outfit for these two. On Thursday, June 15, Kendall and Bad Bunny were spotted on a shopping trip in Sherman Oaks, California, in matching monochrome looks. Kendall opted for a white cropped tank and jeans, while Bad Bunny sported a beige hoodie and sweatpants. The pair was all smiles and chatting as they strolled down a sidewalk together, as captured in photos obtained by PEOPLE.

June 14, 2023: Bad Bunny Responds to Kendall's Pregnancy Rumors

A massive bombshell was dropped in a sneak peek clip of The Kardashians season 3, episode 4, when a producer asked Kendall, “How’s the pregnancy going?” Uhhhhh?!

But before you freak out and pull up IG to search for a bump pic, it seems like they’re actually referring to an equine pregnancy. In November 2022, Kendall joked, “Oh my God, I'm having a baby!” before clarifying that she was referring to her horse getting pregnant.

Bad Bunny responded to the flurry of pregnancy rumors in an interview with Yahoo!, explaining that he thinks the gossip will always exist. “It’s funny. It makes me sad, and it’s pitiful at the same time — not for me, but more for the people [who spread gossip] because it’s funny to see how they talk with confidence,” he explained.

“It’s like, ‘What a fool; they have no idea about anything.’ And you laugh too. It’s like, ‘Really, how is that possible?’ But I think you get used to it with time. It’s not the first time. When one is exposed to fame and to this environment, well, now anyone can say whatever they want about you,” Bad Bunny continued. “But the antidote is to be secure about who you are and enjoy life as much as I do. Because at the end of the day, I am the only one who knows, and the only one clear about what I feel.”

June 8, 2023: Bad Bunny and Kendall Enjoy a Casual Brunch Date

We have another Bundall sighting, besties. On June 8, the rapper and supermodel were spotted on a cute brunch date in Beverly Hills, and judging by their ’fits, the rumored couple continue their streak of coordinated looks. Kendall opted for straight jeans, a white tank, brown leather jacket, and sneakers, while Bad Bunny mirrored her earth tones with a gray hoodie, brown pants, and sneakers, per photos obtained by Daily Mail.

(ICYMI, during their last date night at a Lakers game in May, the two arrived in matchy-matchy snakeskin boots — a couple who coordinates together, stays together, it seems.)

May 24, 2023: Bad Bunny Has Been Spending Time With Kendall's Family

Kendall and Bad Bunny's relationship may have started out as a casual Deux Moi rumor, but sources tell ET that their relationship is "getting more serious." In fact, the rapper has been getting more involved in Kenny's life.

"He is not only spending more time with Kendall, but with the rest of the family as well," the source said. Yup, Benito has been hanging out with the Kardashian-Jenner family — think he might make a guest appearance in an episode of The Kardashians? 🤞🏼

May 19, 2023: Bad Bunny Seemingly Hides Kendall Jenner Easter Eggs in His New Music Video

Did Bad Bunny just reference his rumored romance with Kendall Jenner in his new music video? The Latin hitmaker released his latest track, "Where She Goes," on May 18 and eagle-eyed fans picked up on certain KJ-related references in the music video. There are horses shown throughout the video, which may allude to Kendall's horse girl status over the years. There's also a model adorned in white lingerie and angel wings, maybe as an homage to Kendall's former gig as a Victoria's Secret angel. Her good friend, Frank Ocean, also makes a cameo in the video.

In an interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe, Bad Bunny revealed that the song is about an unforgettable night with a woman and even gave clarity into the timeline in which he wrote the track — which lines up with when he reportedly started seeing the supermodel.

"I remember, like two months ago, I had this feeling, I had this vibe, and I remind about this bit," he said in the interview. "I look for it and I say when I play it, I just start to sing automatically. I just start. So I went straight to the studio with my guy… and I told him, 'Yo, I think I have a new anthem.'"

May 13, 2023: Kendall and Bad Bunny Attend a Lakers Game Together

Kendall and Bad Bunny just had their most public date night yet. On May 13, the couple cozied up court-side at a Los Angeles Lakers game and were photographed smiling, laughing, and whispering together. The pair even arrived to the playoff match in coordinating footwear, per photos obtained by E! News — Kendall wore a white tank, snakeskin skirt and knee-high boots, while Benito opted for a white-button down, black jacket and pants, and, yup, snakeskin boots.

May 12, 2023: Insider Claims That Kendall Sees “Long-Term Potential” with Bad Bunny

It seems like Kendall and Benito’s blossoming relationship is growing more serious by the day. Since the rumored couple’s been spotted together at buzzy events such as Coachella and the Met Gala and on high-profile date nights from New York City to Los Angeles, one Kardashian-Jenner insider claims that Kenny sees a future with the rapper.

“Things are going really well for Kendall and Bad Bunny and she definitely sees long-term potential with him,” the source shared with Us Weekly. “She feels like he’s the complete package and he treats her like a total gentleman.”

The source adds that Kendall is “really attracted” to Bad Bunny’s confidence and values the connections he’s made with her friends. “They complement each other on so many levels and she’s enjoying getting to know him better every day,” the insider continued. Just this past week, the two reportedly jetted off on a beachside vacation with friends (see below).

May 11, 2023: Kendall and Bad Bunny Spotted on a Beachy Vacay Together

After Kendall and Bad Bunny celebrated the First Monday in May together, the rumored couple jetted off to the beach for some rest and relaxation, according to E! News. The outlet reports that the two were spotted in photographer Renell Medrano’s since-deleted TikTok of a sunny golf outing. It’s unclear where Kenny and Bad Bunny are vacationing with their friends, but the supermodel has also taken to social media to share snaps of the seaside trip. However, Benito does not visibly appear in any of her pics.

May 1, 2023: Kendall and Bad Bunny Attend a Met Gala Afterparty Together

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny may have hit the Met Gala carpet separately, but the couple did spend time together during fashion’s biggest night. The paps snapped shots of Kenny and Benny walking side-by-side as they headed to an official Met Gala afterparty late Monday night.

the 2023 met gala celebrating
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May 1, 2023: Kendall and Bad Bunny Attend the 2023 Met Gala Separately

After their New York City date night on April 29, some fans thought that Kendall and Benito would make their red carpet debut at the 2023 Met Gala. And while the supermodel and the singer both attended the coveted event, they arrived separately and ascended the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s famous carpeted steps solo. For this year’s theme, “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty,” Kenny wowed in a black sequined Marc Jacobs bodysuit, while Bad Bunny stunned in a white tweed Jacquemus suit.

new york, new york may 01 kendall jenner attends the 2023 met gala celebrating
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new york, new york may 01 bad bunny attends the 2023 met gala celebrating karl lagerfeld a line of beauty at the metropolitan museum of art on may 01, 2023 in new york city photo by jamie mccarthygetty images
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May 1, 2023: Kendall and Bad Bunny “Spend Almost Everyday Together”

Things are getting pretty serious between Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny. Insiders close to the couple revealed to People that while it was a “slow start” for the rumored couple, they now “spend almost every day together.” The source gushed, “They are very cute together. Kendall is happy.”

According to the tipster, Benito is a “fun guy. Very much a gentleman and charming,” and the model reportedly “likes his vibe.” Things are reportedly going so well that both Kendall and Bad Bunny have begun introducing each other to their friends. “He hangs out with her friends, and she hangs out with his. It's more of a relationship now,” the anonymous tipster revealed. “Kendall is not seeing anyone else. She really likes him.”

April 26, 2023: Kendall and Bad Bunny Attend a Concert Together

It's date night for our favorite music-loving couple (Bendall? Benny? Bundall?🤔) and this time they attended the Tyler, the Creator concert in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. Both were dressed casually — Kendall wore a hoodie and yoga pants, and Bad Bunny wore a T-shirt and jeans.

Page Six released exclusive photos of the pair leaving the El Rey Theatre after the concert ended and getting into Bad Bunny's Bugatti Chiron (the sports car costs a cool $3 million, if you were wondering) before driving away together. The outlet reported that Kendall "could not stop laughing" from the passenger's side.

April 14, 2023: Kendall Spotted Dancing During Bad Bunny's Coachella Performance

Resident Coachella queen Kendall Jenner made her return to the annual music festival, but this year her attendance was in support of her rumored boo, Bad Bunny. The model was front and center at the fest as Benito hit the stage in a headlining performance on Friday. A video of Kenny dancing went viral on TikTok while Bad Bunny performed "Depués de la Playa," and it was thee cutest thing ever. Along with gracing the big stage at the festival, the rapper and singer celebrated his Coachella takeover with the Bad Bunny x adidas Originals exclusive Coachella popup.

April 4, 2023: Kendall and Bad Bunny Were Photographed Riding Horses Together

Once again, Kendall and Bad Bunny were spotted out on a date. This time, TMZ snapped some pics of the pair out horseback riding together this weekend, with Kenny taking the reigns and Benito sitting behind her, his arms wrapped tightly around her waist. Kendall held her phone up and smiled for a selfie with Bad Bunny as they sat on the horse, and she also took some pics of him while he was riding solo. Eyewitnesses claim that their romantic outing lasted 90 minutes.

March 29, 2023: Kendall and Bad Bunny Were Seen Making Out at Dinner

No more hiding for Kenny and Benito? Just a few nights ago the supposed secret love birds were reportedly trying to hide from the paps after a night out at the club, but now an eyewitness told US Magazine that they claimed to have seen the pair out for dinner at Sushi Fumi in L.A. "openly kissing" and "being very affectionate." While neither Kendall or Bad Bunny have confirmed or denied their rumored romance, the evidence sure is stacking up. We predict a social media hard launch in our near future.🔮👀

March 25, 2023: Kendall and Bad Bunny Hide During Their Latest Date Night

Kendall and Bad Bunny are still going strong. The rumored couple was spotted attempting to hide as they left a club in West Hollywood together. According to Page Six, the duo had dinner with notable celebs, including Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet before leaving the club around 2:00 am. While the paparazzi took pics of the duo inside of an SUV, both Kendall and Bad Bunny tried to look away and cover their face with their hands.

March 17, 2023: Did Bad Bunny Diss Kendall Jenner's Ex-Boyfriend Devin Booker on a New Song?

There's a new fan theory that Bad Bunny threw shots at Kendall's ex-bf Devin Booker. Reports of the drama surfaced after Bad Bunny rapped in Spanish, "I'm not bad baby, that's gimmick/ But the Puerto Rico sun is warmer than the one in Phoenix," on Eladio Carriòn's single "Coco Chanel." Fans think Benito's bar was geared toward the NBA baller because the shooting guard and small forward has played for the Phoenix Suns since 2018. Later on in the song, Bad Bunny said, "Scorpios are dangerous," further fueling speculation that he was talking about Kendall because it just so happens to be the model's zodiac sign.

March 15, 2023: Kendall’s “Feelings” for Bad Bunny Are Reportedly “Starting to Grow”

After KJ and Bad Bunny left Beyoncé's Oscars after-party on Sunday, an anonymous source dished to Us Weekly that the model's feelings for the Puerto Rican star are "starting to grow."

"Things are not official between Kendall and Bad Bunny, but they're seeing each other on a regular basis and getting to know each other better," the insider shared. Kendall reportedly wasn't "really looking to date anybody" after she broke up with Phoenix Suns athlete Devin Booker last year.

"It's not super serious, but she likes him and is open to seeing where things go with him," the source added. "Kendall appreciates how he treats her with respect and he makes her laugh."

March 12, 2023: Kendall and Bad Bunny Leave an Oscars After Party Together

Five days after their last spotting, Kendall and Bad Bunny were photographed leaving Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Oscars after-party in West Hollywood together. According to the Daily Mail, the model and the “Ojitos Lindos” artist left the chic Chateau Marmont and climbed into the same car around 4:15 a.m. 👀

March 7, 2023: Kendall and Bad Bunny Are Spotted Locking Lips

Did Kendall and Bad Bunny just confirm their romance? Seems so...

On Tuesday, March 7, the model and musician were spotted on a group dinner date at Sushi Park in West Hollywood, California. The duo dined with friends and Kendall’s sis Kylie Jenner, TMZ reports. According to photos obtained by the outlet, Bad Bunny walked behind Kenny as they exited the eatery. But before departing, the two embraced and leaned in for what appears to be a goodbye kiss. 👀 Kendall’s hands are seen wrapped around Bad Bunny’s neck before she hops into her car. The two have not yet commented on their relationship status but these are some flirty photos, if you ask us.

February 20, 2023: Kendall and Bad Bunny Have a “Flirty Vibe,” Source Says

While neither Kendall nor Bad Bunny have confirmed their situationship, one insider revealed to Entertainment Tonight that the two “are attracted to each other” and “definitely have a flirty vibe.”

“It is still new, but they’re enjoying each other’s company and like each other,” they added. “They have mutual friends and had dinner with Hailey, Justin and friends at Wally’s in Beverly Hills on Saturday night. It’s been fun for both of them so far.”

February 19, 2023: Kendall and Bad Bunny Are Spotted Out in L.A. with Hailey and Justin Bieber

Days after the DeuxMoi blind item reveal, Kendall and Bad Bunny were photographed leaving the same restaurant as Hailey and Justin Bieber. (Kendall and Hailey are besties, btw).

According to TMZ, Kendall was seen walking out of a Beverly Hills eatery solo. But minutes later, Bad Bunny exited the same spot. Justin and Hailey were also seen leaving the restaurant, but separately from the rumored couple.

February 16, 2023: DeuxMoi Reveals That Kendall and Bad Bunny Were Reportedly Seen Making Out

The rumors began last week when DeuxMoi revealed that Kendall and Bad Bunny were allegedly seen making out at a party in Los Angeles.

“I’m revealing it was Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny,” the anonymous gossip account said on their podcast, Deux U. “I have witnesses on the scene who saw her leave the club… she left the club, got into her car. Two minutes later, they pulled Bad Bunny’s car around, and he got in his car.” Hmmmmmmm.

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