This Is What The Key Bridge Wreckage Looks Like From The Bridge Itself

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Since the Francis Scott Key Bridge was destroyed over a week ago, we’ve gotten a ton of photos and videos of the wreckage. Much of it has been either from land or the water. Now, we’re getting our first look at what the disaster looks like from the bridge itself.

A man — who is presumably working on bridge cleanup — posted a video to TikTok showing what the ruins look like from the very edge of where the bridge separated. He is standing right near an expansion joint where the bridge gave way, looking south out onto what’s left of the bridge and the port side of the Dali cargo ship that caused the damage.

This is the first view I’ve seen that truly captures just how far the roadway above fell into the water below. It also gives a really up-close look at the kind of damage done to the roadway when it hit the water.



It’s not really important for our purposes in the video, but the TikTok user, Colbycj6969, also posted a little Arizona Iced Tea tribute to the six folks who died on the Key Bridge. It isn’t much, but it’s far more than some people have done to remember the victims.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge was struck and collapsed around 1:30 a.m. on March 26 when the cargo ship Dali lost power and crashed directly into it. Because of quick work from emergency responders, traffic was stopped on the bridge, but eight construction workers fell into the water and only two were pulled out alive. Cleanup efforts are supposed to take months, and rebuilding the bridge could end up taking years.

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